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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Faux felt and Needle Felting

It's been a busy few weeks since my last entry. In the last blog I featured a pair of red foxes that were playing in my siste's yard. Since then there has only been one other sighting and this time only one loney fox. I hope his partner is still ok. After all she does live in the city.

It's still winter around here, we had another blustery day yeaterday with a few rural roads closed. The snow is up to my knees in most spots. Here are a few photos from today. I like the dome on top of the gazebo and the old cream seperater. Then there is the piles by the barn, which I don't like.

....and one dozy cat in the window, even thought there is no sun today. It is at least milder but damp, Im not sure which is worse, that or the bitter cold we have been having.

I've been making some faux felt, a process I saw in a book by Val Holmes. I like this method and plan to do more and then embellish with more roving, embroidery, image transfer, etc. These first two are king of wild, they may become floral ones in the end, not sure.

 This one actually has more of the dark green as you move up the piece. There is hand made paper and yarn in between the layers of roving.

This one needs a little more work I think, perhaps another layer.

I haven't given up needle felting, I have a fw new ones but there seems to be an issue with adding more photos all of a sudden. This happened the other day when I tried to add to my blog. Sometimes the computer is so frustrating. I'll give it one more shot and if nothing comes up I will try posting again tomorrow.

OK, now it works, and I don't have any idea why it decided to work now and not two minutes ago.

                                                                     Huts and Dories
                                                                     Spring Fields
                                                                    Pumpkin Patch
                                                       ....and yet another country road.