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Monday, April 18, 2011


As Easter is late this year I think we were all hoping for great weather, especially after a long winter. But, this is Canada and it seems like winter is never going to leave us this year. I live in southwestern Ontario, relatively mild in comparison to some parts of the country and on April 10th we got damaging hail. Golf ball size hail that was ankle deep. This Sunday it was snow, sometimes so heavy it was hard to see. this coming week sounds grey, cold and just plain miserable.

On the other hand the Gallery 96 show "The Goddess" was a success as far as attendence and sales went. It helped to have other artists invited to participate and the evening events brought in more people. Didn't hurt that there was a concert in an ajoining space one evening, as they all went through the gallery. Hopefully this raises our profile around town a bit. Here are my 3 pieces, encaustic on plaster. The faces were casts I made of one of the other artists faces ages ago.

                                                                The Three Graces

Now, in between teaching classes at Gallery Stratford and in the schools it's time to start on new work for other upcoming shows. I find it hard to get any amount of work done in between, I seem to be always preping for the classes. It's very frustrating.

This coming Friday a couple of friends and I are going to try some abstarct work. This will be a challenge for all three of us as we all tend to narrative works. Let you know how that goes in the next post. Happy Easter, everyone.