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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The World of Threads Festival is opening on November 2nd ,in Oakville, Ontraio, Canada  and I have these two pieces in one of several exhibitions. I'm excited yet  humbled with the company I"m keeping.

"Sentinel" is a mixed media piece consisting of an old cage, branches, shoe lasts and a stuffed torso with drawings of birds on the coffee stained muslin. The head is fabric feathers over a clay head. And yes, there is a bird nest with eggs on the inside.
Guradian #2 is a birch bark corset sewn on industrial felt with organza and velvet trim. The bark came from my cottage in Haliburton where the beavers have felled trees for the small branches and left the rest to rot. So no trees were harmed on this project. I simply shook out the rotten insides, slit and soaked the bark.
An old friend from college days also has a piece in. This is Pat Hertzberg's portrait of Hazel McCallion, Mayor of Mississauga, Ontario. She is a fiesty 90+ lady who still straps on her skates in the wintertime. she also used to play women's hockey when she was young. Quite the character.

Now can someone explain to me why I can't centre this photo.