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Sunday, August 3, 2014


"Submerged" is the title for my show that I am building for Gallery Stratford in the fall. It is taking up all my time, which explains the long spell that I have been absent from this blog. I've run into a bit of a problem with a pinched nerve in my neck which has definitely slowed me down. Thank heavens for friends, I am getting some help with some of the work.

                                          Carding the wool roving for one of the wall pieces

....and the pile grows

Felted starfish going on to some knitted brain coral
Not sure  where I'm going to store all this stuff. Here is a piece in the corner of the living room.

                                        Here are a couple of close ups of the same piece.

The purple pieces are netting stuffed with plastic wrap. Funny story about the netting...I asked my sister to save her net onion bags. Turns out someone who works for her is married to the owner of a netting factory. So I got ends of bolts of a variety of colours  from this lady. I plan to use a lot of it through out the pieces...sort of symbolic ........
This is not the only thing I have been doing, for fun  one Saturday some friends and I started making glass totems for the garden. We kind of became addicted one friend has made 28 so far.
Under construction

...and in the garden.


Earlier in the spring Gallery 96 did a show on the subject of bees. So a friend and I went to visit a bee keeper and then on to visit another artist friend on her farm. We made a little stop when we spotted trilliums in  a bush.
Visiting Stuart Arkett's farm and his beehives, this is not Stuart!


Wild Violets


Jack in the Pulpit

Pink  somethings?

Tiger Lilly

Then on to Ev's
these 2 goats were on the wrong side of the fence but the dog fixed that in no time flat.

                                                                  Picturesque old silo
In Ev's Studio, I have mentioned Ev before as she is the one that introduced me to needle felting in the first place. She is the maker of many fabulous characters

....and here she is talking to another artist friend Wendy Orr. Wendy was taking pictures of Ev for a series she is working on. I just love Ev's studio it is in the attic of her old farmhouse and just jammed packed with stuff....just the way I like it/

Back to the bee show, here is some of the work.
Wax comb and felted bee by Carolyn Hprley
My encaustic of Mason Bee Larva, who knew they wrapped them in petals!

                                                    Margaret Mallory Smith's bee hotel.
Felted pollen by Carolyn Horley

Myt bee skep along with another bee hotel and small acyrlic

Wendy Orr's acrylic