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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Connections is a fibre arts group I belong to. Our last meeting was in Oakville at Sybil's. It is The Joshua Creek Arts Centre. Fantastic place with so much to look at .Sybil took me up to her personal office space on the top floor of a remodeled barn. the main floor is gallery and workshop space.

She has had an interesting life and a very interesting family history. She was showing me her aunt's collection of coral from the Red Sea.
Also gifts to her aunt ...the tops of camel saddles

The place is full of antiquities.

It was like a step back in time
A harpsichord from 1700, can you believe it

A collection of Chris Kummer's work

A view down to the gallery space below.

Wall of Snow!

Winter is showing no sign of giving into anything like spring. We have had a very cold and snowy winter, Minus 30 C some days.

Thursday of this week we had another bad snow storm we had a storm that came out of nowhere, one minute the sun was shining and the next minute you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.
The Canadian Press / CTV News

That's not cloud, that's a wall of snow approaching.

  Innisfil 96-car pileup


....and the result, one of many accidents, this one involved 96 cars and trucks.

Damaged vehicles are shown after a multi-vehicle pileup on Highway 400 near Innisfil, Ont., Thursday, Feb.27, 2014.  (CANADIAN PRESS/Barrie Advance-Rick Vanderlinde)