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Monday, September 27, 2010

Culture Days

Culture Days was an Arts Council initiative to promote culture in the province. there were lots of activities around Stratford this weekend. At Factory 163 there were various displays, events, workshops, demos etc. These are a few pictures from the event.  Photos by Irene Miller, props from Off The Wall, fibre art from Micaela  Fitzsimmons, Harry Potter's toy shop by students of Off the Wall, Carolyn Horley , props mistress extraordinaire...she makes the faux food, masks, paints, etc. There is no limit to her abilities, imagination and talent. Carolynn was making fake bacon yesterday. She is also a member of Gallery 96 and is responsible for organizing wearable art...see the next post.

Wearable Art and Culture Days

Wearable Art , a show by members and guests of Gallery 96 at the old Globe Wernick Factory in Stratford. now known as Factory 163 (163 King St.). It has been a great success. Here are a few photos.
Participants are Carolyn Horley, John Pennoyer, Glenn Elliot, Helen M,. Kathi Posliff, Lucinda Jones, Bonnie Steinman, Irene Miller, Lelsie Walker Fitzpatrick and Jill Wood and myself.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The view from here. The Niarara Escarpment

The Niagara Escarpment doesn't just mean Niagara Falls, For those "from away" as a Cape Breton friend would say, the escarpment is a long ridge of rock carved out of the earth during the ice age. You can get some specular views.

Now that's what I call a lot of rock. We encountered some rock climbers on this trek, but unfortunately I didn't take a picture for some reason.

Older work

Here are a few older images, these are of some little fabric houses I made one year for VINEART, a Gallery 96 fundraiser. Gallery 96 is an artist co-operative that I belong to , here in Stratford. It has had many homes over the years and changed it's format, but it has been around for over 30 years. Every November we have Vineart, an evening of wine tasting gourmet food, music and a silent art auction. You never know which wall will be closed to bidding, so it keeps the interest going throughout the evening. Fortunately I am not helping with the organizing this year, been there, done that. I will be donating some art though. Not sure what, but here are the little houses from another year.

this year they are changing it up a bit and it is the vineart of bear tasting along with appropriate foods. There are a lot of specialized small breweries in the area and this is a town full of specialty food producers and gourmet chefs.

Stratford is smack in the middle of a large agricultural area. What is going on in that sector is very interesting, a lot of organic growers, farm gate sales etc. I have a few favorites One being Gourmet cook and organic farmer as well as a talented artist Anthony John, also known as the Manic Organic. Then there is Montefort Cheese, yummy and a neighbour of mine Perth County Pork Products. they are a family farm that offers farm gate sales of the best Octoberfest sausage as well as other pork products including wild bore. Haven't tried that yet. If you are ever in the area, check them out.
Anthony John the Manic Organic and owner of Soil Reputation organic farm.
From the DeMartines family

              Montefort Cheese is operated by Stratford Chefs School instructor and chef Ruth Klahsen

The Sketchbook Project

I have taken up the challenge and my sketchbook arrived in the mail this past week. I chose the subject dirigibles and submersibles, don't ask me why, it just appealed to me for some reason. Now I have to start actually thinking about what I will do. Not sure if I will replace the paper with something more substantial like some others have done, or just use appropriate media. Thought it would be a fun idea. I'll post some of the work after I get started.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wearable Art

It is indeed a busy fall. The next show up for Gallery 96, of which I am a member, is Wearable Art. After tossing ideas around and around I finally settled on doing dome hats. This first one is wool with needle felting and beads, inspired by the Laplanders.

The second one is inspired by the hats worn by Zulu women. It is also wool with a fancy yarn couched to it along with feathers. This shot is a 3/4 view so that you can see the feathers and tassel, they are really on the side.

The last one is a tapestry Tudor inspired hat with buttons and tassels. You can tell that I am partial to tassels. It's become a bit of a joke among some of my friends. Unfortunately this photo is rather dark, I really am going to have to find a more professional set up for taking photos. It all seems to be hit and miss at the moment.

Other Uploads I missed

Another image I couldn't upload was this great gift of silk waste sent to me from a friend in Norwich UK. I"m anxious to try it but will have to wait until I have some free time from upcoming commitments .

One of which is "In The Spirit", a show in October in an old country church in Avonbank. Sorry for the bad picture

Photo Uploads

Well I'm going to try this again, I've been having trouble loading images. Spent ages trying to get help.The solution seams to be , changing from the old to new format. Why don't they warn you this could happen.

I mentioned that I had done some little illustrations while at the cottage, well here are some shots from the cottage on Kennissis Lake. My Dad bought the property back in the late sixties and we all helped build the cottage. It has been a very much loved haven for all of us. My parents have since passed away in a devastating accident, but this remains our strongest tie with them.