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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tidal Pools

Switching topics again, Gallery 96 first show for 2012 opens in March and is on the theme of water. You can take a political view point, a spiritual one or simpley the beauty of water. Although I have ideas that would fall into the first 2 catagories, I don't think I have the time to accomplish them along with everything else. So I'm doing a series of smaller projects based on tidal pools. Here is the first complete one.

The second one in this picture is just underway, although it is in reality finished and framed

I'm really enjoying doing these and will probably do more. We are allowed 3 pieces in the show so I do have at least one more to do now. I have some bleached driftwood pieces from the ocean, so I think I will use them and keep it monochromatic with threads , yarns, shells in the white/gray range. Might also icoroprate a piece of bright red onion bag in for a spot of colour. As I was reaching for some onions yesterday to make stew, the lightbulb went on...simulate a piece of fish net.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Encaustic show

Great news, Anna Koot, Wendy Orr and myself are doing an encaustic show at the Blyth Festival Gallery on June 22, 2012. It's called "Thre Hot Irons". These are two of the friends that did "Fusion" with me this year. Time to make some new work, the theme is loosly rural. Wendy Orr is well on her way with some done after her trip to Newfoundland.

"Hidden Arches" is done with paper casting and lichen on masonite and painted with encaustic.

The 2 others insist on loading upside down...can't figure it out. This one is suppossed to be the other way around althought the viewer may not realize it. The other is a landscape and so there is no point in adding it until I can figure out the problem. All three photos are from the same file. The one above was done with strings pulled out from under the layers of wax and then some extra carving done. The rust hinge is also seems to have fooled a few people, who thought it was real.

Bags, Bags and more Bags

                    Here are a few of the bags I"ve been making for Green Thimble Designs               

Burgundy and Tan with 2 inside pockets and wallet $60Cdn
                                     Burgundy, Blue and Tan with 2 inside pockets $55 Cdn.

Three cotton satchels that are convenient to store in your purse. Checkered, Morninglory and Teapot satchels are $20 each Cdn.
Jewelry bags to store your jewelry while you are away on a trip. Multiple inside pockets to keep things from getting all jumbled up. Top left, pansy pink, delicate pink, yellow blossoms and front and centre is grapes. Each $20 Cdn.

You can find more bags @