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Thursday, August 29, 2013

More of Newfoundland

This is truly a beautiful province, I've come away with a lot of fodder for future artwork, whether it is drawing painting or fibre art. Here are some more photos.

       Lobster traps and buoys near Woody Point along with fishing boats and the fishing stages.


 The remains of the St. that that ran aground in 1919. It's amazing what is still there after so long.

The variety in colour and pattern on the stones and rocks was amazing.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Newfoundland Summer

I have been away most of the summer, I had a great trip to Newfoundland for 5 weeks and 2 up at my cottage. I will post a bit at a time about the Newfoundland trip. It was fantastic and I can not wait to go back some day. While I was there I stayed with a friend who has a place in Herring Neck near Twillingate on the north east side of the island.
The fishing stage nearest the water is being turned into an outdoor studio. Fantastic atmosphere.

The neighbours

Degas the resident raven with a piece of a hot dog.

The gull missed out all altogether because he could not figure out how to land under the clothesline.
Yet another fishing stage, I like these buildings . They pitch at different angles.

The habour at Twillingate.

The Town

 Another shot in the habour
I like all the painted clapboard homes.

Nina Keogh, home and studio. She is a painter and puppeteer.