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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Industrial Strength

Industrial Strength: a Gallery 96 member's show at Factory 163, 163 King St.,Stratford.

Here are my pieces!

Two lines of chairs, one with real miniature chairs, are 2 pieces for Industrial Strength, a show at Factory 163 March 21 to April 5. Factory 163 is the original Globe Wernicke furniture Co. in Stratford. They manufactured office furniture, in particular, barrister's stackable bookcases. Thus the chairs

This rusty worn freight elevator door at the factory was inspiration for the piece below.

This fibre piece came from the photo below, although I have since removed the red frame and sewn it onto wire mesh

This photo of the water stained ceiling of the factory was used as a photo transfer and collaged into the piece below, called "Water Marked", obviously. I rust stained fabric to mimic the watermarks and embellished the piece with beads and old hardware, mounting it on some old wire mesh from the barn.

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Leslie said...

very clever Wendy .....