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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I actually did finish  some work this week, but it went out the door before I got a picture of it. When it's hung for the show later this week I will get a shot or two. Always better on a nice white wall anyway. So instead I'm going to show some work by artists that I am inspired by,

First is Virgil Burnett a internationally known resident of Stratford who is currently having a show at our local public art gallery. Virgil is an illustrator, sculptor and author. I have always been enchanted by his pen and ink drawings and their fantastical detail.

Muse by Virgil Burnett

                                                                      End Papers

One of his own books

Books he illustrated covers for.

Another artist I wanted to feature is from the UK, Nikki Whitlock. She has a unique style incorporating both painting and mosaics. They too, are fantastical and full of detail. I like the fact that she also incorporated words into her pieces.

Coincidentia Oppositorium - The conjunction of the opposites

                                                     This a very mystical piece: The Underworld

The Spirit of Autumn

The Masquerade in the beginning, I'm waiting to see what this one looks like finished

Another Stratford artist and  friend, is Wendy Orr. A one time graphic artist and currently a high school art teacher. Wendy is looking forward to her retirement and the opportunity to paint full time.

The Porch

Harmony of Opposites, something new for Wendy and it is now at the Stratford campus of the University of Waterloo


and Auntumn Floor

and my all time favourite, My First Collection. I watched her paint this one at my house, a marble a night. I think the light reflection is brilliant.


Nikki Ella whitlock said...

Thanks so much for my feature on your blog and kind words!:-)

Cathy said...

Nikki Whitlock's work is beautiful Wendy. I haven't come across her before - also Virgil Burnett. His detail is amazing. It must take him months to do some of those drawings. Lucky you watching your friend paint those marbles. They are so lifelike.