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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Line of Thought

Well back again, nothing for two months and now twice in a week. "Line of Thought" is the current Gallery 96 show. As I"ve mentioned I am a member. This show was interesting as we did co-operative pieces with other artists. I think some artists had a hard time getting their head around the idea. I found it exciting and a great challenge.

I worked with 2 seperate artists. Lucinda Jones is a printmaker withGallery 96 and we worked on a triptych called "Three Sisters". We worked on one piece jointly and then we each did our own piece to go along.

The first piece is the joint effort, we made a piece of faux felt together and then Lucinda added some light pieces of print and I added the face. The second one is mine and it's all rusted fabric, some paper fabric, stenciling and embroidery. The third piece is Lucindas, all made out of printmaking papers and a hand drawn face

The second artist I worked with , I have never met in person. We did the whole thing long distance and by email. My partner was Cathy Connolley a fabulous artist/ illustrator from England. We met through her blog, "One Pink Goose". I have always liked her drawings and we have alot of common interests in subject matter. It was actually really easy for me to work with Cathy even though it was long distance.

Cathy's book on "The Naming of Hares"

A joint offering , "Under the Canopy"
I started off by sending her some papers and fabric that  I had worked on. She in turn used them and sent them back to me and I put them together. I'll post more later about this work and add more photos.

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Joint projects can be so successful. I especially liked the "three sisters"--and you embellished with garters! Reminded me of when I created pins with them as a kid!
best, nadia