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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tidal Pools

Switching topics again, Gallery 96 first show for 2012 opens in March and is on the theme of water. You can take a political view point, a spiritual one or simpley the beauty of water. Although I have ideas that would fall into the first 2 catagories, I don't think I have the time to accomplish them along with everything else. So I'm doing a series of smaller projects based on tidal pools. Here is the first complete one.

The second one in this picture is just underway, although it is in reality finished and framed

I'm really enjoying doing these and will probably do more. We are allowed 3 pieces in the show so I do have at least one more to do now. I have some bleached driftwood pieces from the ocean, so I think I will use them and keep it monochromatic with threads , yarns, shells in the white/gray range. Might also icoroprate a piece of bright red onion bag in for a spot of colour. As I was reaching for some onions yesterday to make stew, the lightbulb went on...simulate a piece of fish net.


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Wendy. Really like your tidal pools--amazing the effects you're getting with fuzzy materials. Quite lovely!
Also liked your purses and satchels.
best, nadia

Elizabeth said...

Wendy!! I just ran across your post to the altered clothing site on Stitchin Fingers and came to your blog and read about your two sales of your tidal pools pieces. We are living parallel lives!! I just posted photos to the front page of Stitchin Fingers of my Coral Cacophony reef tapestry. My piece was just hung and debuted last evening at the gallery where I have my fiber arts studio in Fredericksburg VA in the States. Kind of spooky- good spooky though@@@ Delightful to meet you!!!