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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's been ages since I have made a blog entry, sometimes life hands you a few curve balls and this was one of them. I went into hospital for a routine colonoscopy and when I came to the Dr. informed me I wasn't going anywhere. The next day I had surgery to remove a walnut size tumor and about 1 ft of colon. they had hoped to just reattach me but I ended up with a bag for 5 weeks. The whole experience was full of disasters from beginning to end. After 5 weeks I was reatatched,YEAH! 2 surgeries in 5 weeks was a bit much and I"m still recouperating. At the end of the month I have to go to the cancer clinic for chemo. A precautionary mesure apparently.

In between the 2 sugeries was the encaustic show I was doing with Anna Koot and Wendy Orr. Having missed a few weeks of productivity it wasn't until the last week that I found the energy to finish off some but not all of my pieces. I had to give up on 2 of them. Here are some of my pieces from the exhibit.
Rusty Gate
White Birch
Old Staircase
Chinese Lanterns

The opening of the exhibit was at the same time as the opening of the Blyth theatre's summer season. the opening show was called "Dear John Deere" a Canadian play for sure, something that Blyth does so well. When we got ther , a parade of old tractors was coming done the street to celebrate the opening. The theatre and the gallery are both in the old opera house, you can just get a bit of it in the last photo.. It was great fun finished off with a great meal at the Blyth Inn. It looks like an old local hotel/bar, not known for it's decor but the food is fantastic. It was made all the better by the friends and family that joined us for the evening.

Tractor parade down the main street
Parking the tractors

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