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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Embroidery and Spring

I'm still working on the hand embroidery of birds for that boro jacket I want to make, here are a few more photos.
I started this one with the intention that both birds would be the copper colour. then I discovered I didn't have enough of the same colour, natch! It wasn't feasible to go get more as I had gotten it out of town. So, I went for the ochre colour, I think it was better to have the 2 different colours in the end.
I started the nest ages ago, thinking I would dye fabric for the eggs, then I realized it would have been better to put them in first then the nest, so I ended up doing the eggs too. Also a better decision also. You'd think that I hadn't planned this well enough.
This one I think is incomplete...fix the eye, add some shading to the back.... I have another couple on the go and then I think I will start piecing. I"m not really sure how many embroidered pieces I will need in amongst the plain ones.
Hoping that Spring is just around the corner. Some of the snow has started to disappear after a mild day or two and rain on and off. Everything looks mucky, littered with twigs etc. once it drys up a bit there will be a lot of cleanup, it's a big property. I have definitely got the bug to get out there. I have been planting seeds and tubers. I decided to start the Dahlias inside this time as they only start flowering in late summer and you never know when the first frost will hit...September or October. More seed planting to do today.
A friend split up her Hibiscus last fall and gave me one, we didn't know which colour I had, but yesterday the first bloom opened.

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