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Friday, April 19, 2013

Ice Storm

Yes it's April,but here in southwestrn Ontario, winter just doesn't want to give up. Last Friday we had a horiffic ice storm. We lost power for 16 hours and ended up spending the latter half of the day with a friend who did. Sadly many people to the north of us didn't have power for 3-4 days and had to go to warm-up centres. What a thought.

There were trees and power lines down all over the place, fortunately no one was hurt or injured.
Here are a few photos from around our place. The ice has melted, but here is some of the damage.
Yes it's an old open faced garage but it offers protection from frosty windhields and piles of snow (sometimes). We are lucky, the car was in there on the day.

It uprooted trees and decapitated others.

Limbs everywhere!
Working on the tree.
Starting a pile.

                                             Getting ready to pull a big piece down.
Even the girlfriend is pitching in.
Thanks Paul

Not Chris's best shot, but....
Pardon the pun.
Thanks to Chris H. Tyler, Josh, Paul, Quinn, Rachel and my hubby. Me, I spent the time you know how much these hungry fellows can eat? The clean up continues, but it keeps raining so the ground is too soft. The other eveing my son got stuck with the trailer and my husband had to pull him out with the big tractor, so things are on hold. I'm afraid that the ducks and geese that land in the puddles may decide to nest. WE HAVE BARN CATS AND A BIG DOG!

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