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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flowers of Newfoundland

I continue to go on about my trip to Newfoundland, but it was terrific. So many flowers on the roadsides, all over the place really. Here are some. We had just been to Hillgrade for a round of fresh fish and chips and took a little side jaunt to Fairchild and an old wooden church. the area around the church and by the water was filled with daisies, wild iris, campanula and a tiny white flower I don't know the name of .

Campanula at Herring Neck

                                                     Foxglove on the way to Cow Head

Fireweed at Gros Mourne

Picture Plant at Gros Mourne

Wild Roses
By the road at Woody Point

The next 3 I have to research the names of.


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