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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dying and Printing Part 1 and a Drive-by

Seeing as I have time off from working, I'm taking the time to do a little fooling around with dying and printing on fabric and paper. I'll save the paper for another post. First off is snow dying, yes we still have some, although this was done awhile ago.

I first washed my fabric and then soaked it in washing soda over night so that the colours would remain bright. In the morning I wrung them out and put them in the bottom of a plastic bucket. I tried 4 different types of fabric, this was by far the best, just plain 100% cotton. I packed the pail with snow and sprinkled Dylon cold water dyes in 3 colours on the top. I left it for 36 hours as it was taking a long time to melt on my cold basement floor. Afterward I rinsed the whole thing in cold water and rinsed again in salt water, let it hang to dry and here you have it. I think next time I would just do one piece and maybe a bit less snow. I would also like to try it with ice, for a different effect.

This next one is rusting the fabric. fortunately I live on an old farm which gives me access to alot of rusty old junk. The picture has actually bleached out alot of the overall colour, it is a pretty consisted rusty colour with some intensity. This time I tore up some rarely used white bedsheets for the trial runs. I had done rusting before but tackled this a little differently. I rolled up lengths of fabric with rusty junk as I rolled it up. I did 4 lengths. then I put them all in  a large clear plastic bag like you use for putting your leaves in. I poured a healthy amount of vinegar on top and closed up the bag. After a couple of days I turned the bag over and put in a bit more vinegar. I got some wonderful prints. I rinsed it by hand in  a bucket of salty water and then machine washed it and hung to dry.

We had some frozen blueberries in the freezer that were starting to signs of being in the freezer just a little too long and although not wizened definitely looked like they were drying out. Zip-lock plastic doesn't keep things infinitely fresh. So I wet another length of fabric and sprinkled blueberries as I rolled the fabric, then re rolled the whole thing in a green plastic garbage bag, I was out of the clear ones which I like so you can see what's going on. After that I stamped on the whole parcel and walked away for a couple of days. This is what I got. Again the photo looks sort of washed out. I think what I might do next with this piece is to use fabric markers and actually draw on some branches of blueberries in the sots where the berries are most visible.

Again this is bleached out, maybe I need to take the photos outside in some sun instead of using the flash. that is if the sun ever shines. Grey old winter is still hanging on here in southwestern Ontario.
this one was with instant coffee . the whole cloth was dyed, then spread out on plastic ,then I sprinkled extra crystals on the wet cloth. I don't drink the stuff, but my husband is going to wonder what is happening with it.

The next three are using permanent marker and then spraying it with rubbing achol. I think I will have to invest in some broad tip markers so it doesn't require me to colour everything in and because things like the dark blue happened where it left lines still.

The following 2 are printed but in different ways. The first one with the birds was using gesso stamped through a stencil and left to dry and cure. After which I machine washed the fabric which leaves You with a, old worn look. The bottom one is a simple block print made with cutting out craft foam shapes and gluing them to a block of wood with a heavy duty glue


OK, now the drive-by part. I went with a friend yesterday to see the "Paint Ontario" exhibit at the Lampton Museum. We drove through a little village named Dashwood, famous for making Dashwood Windows and Doors. I'm going to have to back when things have a bit of greenery and wander around to take more photos because there are some great old buildings in varying stated of disrepair. Great inspiration. Here are a few quick photos I took on the way home.
The old blacksmith shop

Behind the blacksmith shop
Pump and hitching post next to the blacksmith

An old garage

Light on the peak of thegarage

Old feed mill

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Embroidery and Spring

I'm still working on the hand embroidery of birds for that boro jacket I want to make, here are a few more photos.
I started this one with the intention that both birds would be the copper colour. then I discovered I didn't have enough of the same colour, natch! It wasn't feasible to go get more as I had gotten it out of town. So, I went for the ochre colour, I think it was better to have the 2 different colours in the end.
I started the nest ages ago, thinking I would dye fabric for the eggs, then I realized it would have been better to put them in first then the nest, so I ended up doing the eggs too. Also a better decision also. You'd think that I hadn't planned this well enough.
This one I think is incomplete...fix the eye, add some shading to the back.... I have another couple on the go and then I think I will start piecing. I"m not really sure how many embroidered pieces I will need in amongst the plain ones.
Hoping that Spring is just around the corner. Some of the snow has started to disappear after a mild day or two and rain on and off. Everything looks mucky, littered with twigs etc. once it drys up a bit there will be a lot of cleanup, it's a big property. I have definitely got the bug to get out there. I have been planting seeds and tubers. I decided to start the Dahlias inside this time as they only start flowering in late summer and you never know when the first frost will hit...September or October. More seed planting to do today.
A friend split up her Hibiscus last fall and gave me one, we didn't know which colour I had, but yesterday the first bloom opened.