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Monday, October 13, 2008

From my portfolio

"Eye Pods" Cascading pods made from old postcards. Three sided, one side pops open to view message.

"Family Pods", A trio of fabric pods-red dogwood boning.One is closed, the second slightly open to reveal a feathered interior, the third is open, lined in gold and has cascading family photos on fabric. The pod fabric is stained, painted and stamped canvas with fabric embellishments.

"Sentinel" , started as a piece of driftwood from Paddy's bay on Kennisis Lake. It's unusual shape
determined just what is was going to be.

"In Conversation With My Mother", Two paper teacups linked by machine embroidery

"Burrowing Owl" mixed media collage

Donation to the "I Love My Gallery Auction". Quilted watercolour

"Masks" Quilted , appliqued and embellished for a private customer.

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Second Life Designs said...

Blog looks good Wendy! I really like your piece "Family Pods"!