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Monday, September 27, 2010

Culture Days

Culture Days was an Arts Council initiative to promote culture in the province. there were lots of activities around Stratford this weekend. At Factory 163 there were various displays, events, workshops, demos etc. These are a few pictures from the event.  Photos by Irene Miller, props from Off The Wall, fibre art from Micaela  Fitzsimmons, Harry Potter's toy shop by students of Off the Wall, Carolyn Horley , props mistress extraordinaire...she makes the faux food, masks, paints, etc. There is no limit to her abilities, imagination and talent. Carolynn was making fake bacon yesterday. She is also a member of Gallery 96 and is responsible for organizing wearable art...see the next post.

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Jenny said...

Wow! Some really great work! Amazing! I just love that dress to! Beautiful! I also have to say what a lovely cat! I'm a huge cat lover myself! :)