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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wearable Art

It is indeed a busy fall. The next show up for Gallery 96, of which I am a member, is Wearable Art. After tossing ideas around and around I finally settled on doing dome hats. This first one is wool with needle felting and beads, inspired by the Laplanders.

The second one is inspired by the hats worn by Zulu women. It is also wool with a fancy yarn couched to it along with feathers. This shot is a 3/4 view so that you can see the feathers and tassel, they are really on the side.

The last one is a tapestry Tudor inspired hat with buttons and tassels. You can tell that I am partial to tassels. It's become a bit of a joke among some of my friends. Unfortunately this photo is rather dark, I really am going to have to find a more professional set up for taking photos. It all seems to be hit and miss at the moment.

1 comment:

nj said...

I love this hat!

Nice to meet you last weekend Wendy!

I must now go save my allowance so I can buy it!!!

Norma J. Beads