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Monday, October 4, 2010

Upcoming Shows

October 16th is the opening of another Gallery 96 show called "Of Common Journeys and Solo Flights", a show curated by Gord Hatt. We don't usually have funds to hire a curator but this one is through a Trillium grant. The premise of the show is that we are a group of varied artists using  different media, each of us working on different bodies of work. This  made it easy for members not to have to change course and adhere to a theme different then what they are working on yet gives some cohesiveness to the show.

This show is in the gallery space at Factory 163, 163 King St. Stratford, Ontario.

Also that weekend is the previously mentioned "In The Spirit" at the old Avonbank Church out in the country in Downie Township, it's to the south west of Stratford. So it will be a busy weekend for some of us.

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