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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Elora Fergus Studio Tour

It was a damp rainy day yesterday, we seem to be having alot of that lately. Despite that, a couple of friends and I wandered off to see the artists on the Elora Fergus Studio tour. I've been once before a few years ago. There were some of the same artist and some new ones. We came away inspired by several of the artists, also gleaned a few tips and interesting information. At a couple of the places, our heads nearly fell off our shoulders looking at all the art , etc. My favourite was the mixed media artists.

Supria Karmakar is an encaustic artist who I've met  before. She is always very friendly and full of helpful information and I really like her work.

Step Out on Faith, Encaustic Mixed Media Collage, 24 x 24, 2010
You an find her work at

Another artist that had a wonderful display of her work was Grayce Perry, a self taught artist. She used to do alot of clay, but has moved to mixed media painting. Unfortunately Grayce does not have a web page, so I can only show you some of her work from the tour blog. Grayce's home was full of interesting artwork and curiousities. She also had some of her daughter's work. It was equally impressive.

The first piece is done on mylar with oil paint and pen. It gave you areal  feeling of depth. An interesting technique, I'd like to try sometime. Like I need another project. The second piece shows some of her clay figures.

"Weathering the Storm"
 by Grayce Perry
"Women I Have Known" 2009
by Grayce Perry

 Jo Lomas was  clay artist in this studio  along with Shirley Al, both of whose work I enjoyed.

by Jo Lomas  

Here are a list of the other artists , you may wish to Google:

2010 Artists on Tour

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Supria Karmakar said...

Hi Wendy:
Thanks so much for the blog post and letting me know too....I am grateful for the sharing and glad you had LOADS of fun on the tour...hoping our paths will cross again soon....wishing you a creative Sunday.