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Sunday, June 19, 2011

June shows and some new work

Where did the time go? Silly question actually, when I know I spent alot of time working on pieces for two shows and neglected my blog, amongst other things. Two shows that opened on back to back weekends. Who's crazy idea was that? And, as if we didn't learn anything with that, I'm doing two shows back to back in September. Not very good planning, I admit.
                            " Go Fly a Kite" acrylic 18"x24" $135 Cdn

The first show was "4 Artists", Wendy Orr hosted myself,  Anna Koot and Ev Scott for a show in her home. She didn't seem to mind the nail holes because she plans on painting. The Friday night opening was a fun party with a few sales, Saturday wasn't as busy but the sales were good. I was happy with what I did. All smaller pieces, but they do add up. Here are a few shots from that event.

"Back at the Bush" acrykic 6"x8" $95 Cdn

"Nest of Eggs" acrylic 6"x8" $95 Cdn

"Circ" mixed media 18"x24"  $140Cdn

"Remember When", mixed media sold

Here are a few of Wendy Orr's beautiful pieces. Her work is available through Village Studios in Stratford, or through the artist herself.

Here are some more of mine; "Arch in Moonlight is 6"x8", acrylic/mixedmedia,is framed and sells for $95
 "Jungle Ruin" is much larger at 24"x 30" and is also acrylic/mixed media and sells for $ 230 Cdn
                     'Tightrope Walker" is another mixed media piece 18"x 24" and $135 Cdn
 These are a set of illustrations by Anna Koot for one of her Children's books.They are books that help tell children about "hard to talk about subjects", this one deals with death.
                                             Her are a couple more acrylics by Wendy Orr
 This next bunch are from the Gallery 96 Members show that opened last night at Factory 163. The first one is by Victoria Shannon, I had to take it on an angle to help with the glare and the reflection of a near by window. I love this piece.
                                   Here are a few more, featuring a tryptych by Carolyn Horley
 This next one is one of mine, "the Old Front Porch" and it sold immediately. It is faux felt with a photo transfer and machine embroidery.
 Also one of mine done the same way. It was in the 4Artist's show and moved here for this exhibition. It is available for $150 Cdn.
 Here is one of Lucinda Jones prints. she and I are working together on pieces for a collaboration show, "A Line of Thought". One of those infamous back to back efforts in September. We are planning a play date, to expoeriment and come up with some solid ideas for that show. Should be fun.
 Another printmaker with Gallery 96 is Gloria Kagawa, these are 3 of here pieces, something new for her.
                 A lovely little piece by new member Heather Ruthig.

This show runs for another week if you are in town or live close by. Gallery 96 won't be doing another show until September. Stay tuned for more looks at that project and the encaustic show "Fusion", that I am involved with as well. It's going to be a full summer with trips to the cottage, gardening and making artwork.

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