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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Old Friends

On Monday of this week I had to deliver my pieces for The World of Threads Festival, which opens tomorrow night. Due to my chemo treatments a gracious friend drove me down and back. We decided to make a day of it and we made plans to have lunch with my sister and some old friends from college days. It was a boisterous group of six women, all very creative. As one friend said,"gee if we could harness all the creativeity at this table, WOW!"

Pat in StudioSculptureComtemporaryLandscapes

Pat Hertzberg Fibre Artist

Linda Lundstrom Fashion Designer

Wendy Orr Fine Artist

We were also joined by my sister who is the Director of Urban Planning for the city of Mississuaga as well as our 2nd year pattern making teacher "Mrs. B". Really Margaret Broadhurst, but after another college friend  got only a B+, rather then his usual A, he started calling her Mrs. B+. It just got shortened to "Mrs. B" and I"ve never been able to call her anything else. A delightful warm and caring friend.
After lunch Pat gave us a tour of her studio space at the Living Arts Centre. She too has work in The Festival of Threads, which is how I managed to find her after so many years.

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