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Monday, November 1, 2010

Glenhyrst Gallery

It was a busy weekend. Saturday I had to take a piece to the Glenhyrst Gallery in Brantford for the up coming show "Forces of Nature." This piece is called "Sentinel" and is made from an old bird cage, clay, fabric, drawing, wood and show lasts and contains a nest with eggs.

The gallery is on the old Edward Cockshutt estate. Anyone familiar with farming will know the name of the one time tractor manufacturer. Wonderful architecture located on great grounds.

As the gallery didn't open until 1 pm we took a side trip to Kitchener to an Art /Craft show.Stratford glass artist Brad Jesson was showing his pendants vases and most spectacular marbles. You can see them here, or he is on facebook. Unfortunately I seem to be having an issue trying to download a photo for you, so you will just have to check him out yourself.

After Glenhyrst we went to Cambridge to the gallery there to see the "Fibreworks" exhibit, that I didn't get into.  My work has a different feel to the work exhibited. Some I loved , some I just didn't get.

Again no picture as it tells me I have an incorrect URL, how can that be when I have copied it directly from the website. Don't get it.

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