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Friday, November 19, 2010

Talent Next door

Well this is really my week, "The Talent Next Door", a book compiled by Craig Musselman, is coming out . Page 103 is all me and my artwork, not that I"m blowing my horn or anything. It's  a great book showing the work of many talented artists in this region and I"m delighted to be a part of it; along with two other Gallery 96 members, Wendy Orr and Glenn Elliott. You can see some of their work at


Ev said...

WoW Wendy - that's GREAT!!! Will look forward to seeing it!

Cathy said...

Congratulations on this. How lovely to have your work featured in a book. You must be thrilled. I am very impressed with the Evening For Artists. That is such a helpful topic. As artists we tend to stand back rather than put ourselves forward and make the most of our abilities. I hope it went really well. I remember a gallery owner telling me once that they were so short of time that when someone presented them with a short, concise resume and great photos of their work they were more inclined to look kindly upon them rather than the wordy artist.