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Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Snow

Back in December we had a couple of snow storms that dumped a fair bit of snow, haven't seen that in a few years. Then last week we had a big thaw and a lot of rain, the only snow left was along the fence lines. Winter has returned, but in a gentler fashion and we now have a layer of snow again. Makes for some beautiful pictures.

The Virginia creeper going up the silo looks like a drunkard's lace, here's a closer look.
Between the silo and the barn on the west side it gets little or no sun so the moss has grown to a luscious green.

Our dog Caesar is following me around, looking for hidden smells under the snow. The fruit of the sumac look great with their snowy caps
My son's old hideaway , he always called it fort Narnia. and great rusty hinges on an old barn door.

Shadow and Caesar, the only cat that he seems to have made friends with, the other barn cats just take a look and run.

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Cathy said...

Lovely snowy photos Wendy. We had ours a few weeks ago but since then it has been very wet and windy. Nothing like the weather some people have had though. I think the world's weather has gone mad lately. Your kitty shots are great. Those two cats look so in love..ahhh.